For quite some time, the few square miles outside Disneyland was often called by locals: “Realityland.” It did not boast the fancy hotels that line Katella Avenue today, and the Evangelical Christian church called Melodyland (my ex-girlfriend’s father, Pieter, was most proud to be an usher there) sat where the open-air mall GardenWalk now boasts one of the few movie theatres in Orange County with a bar.  A Disneyland employee parking lot now covers the site of a low-income motel that had been the backdrop for an OC Register article on “Motel Kids,” children of low income families that moved from motel to motel as their parents sought some place to live between jobs and stretches of unemployment.

Realityland still exists. It’s just been pushed back a few miles, and not in sight of the route from Disneyland to the freeway.

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