In Oct 2008, ABC News posted a story on the ten most germy jobs.  Sanitation worker was there, as was janitor. Very easy to guess they’d be on the list.  Nor did it surprise me to find Animal Control Officer and Police Officer.  I’ve watched the cable TV shows. I see what they face in the line of duty. And we’ve likely heard of what paper money can retain — there have been several stories in the news that the money in your wallet may retain traces of cocaine. So Bank Tellers and Cashiers? Yeah, they’re exposed to lots of germs. 

What did surprise me was that the computer repair tech who comes to your desk to figure out the most recent bug that’s attacked your computer is exposing him/her self to a plethora of physical bugs as well.

Consider this:

With all that we do at our desks nowadays — eat, drink, pitch in a few bucks for a co-worker’s gift, etc. — our desks can become havens for thousands of bacteria.  Many employees, knowing this, have combatted this spread of germs by wiping down their desks now and then.

But do they wipe down their keyboards?  Not likely.

And what’s the main input device for a computer? Especially when your mouse won’t work? That’s right…

“The primary reason that a keyboard has so much more bacteria on it than a toilet seat has more to do with how frequently it is cleaned than the germs it is exposed to,” reported ABC News

Consider your computer tech repair guy.  How harried he is.  How many people he has to visit, new hardware devices to install, laptops he needs to fix.  Maybe this is why their first request whenever you call in is to reboot your computer.

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