A Place Called Zihuatanejo

Andy Dufresne knew how knowing one’s Place would impact one’s Development.

“I understand you’re a man who knows how to get things,” he tells Red.

Andy was a keen observer of his environment, a skill that helped him make prison life more bearable, and to achieve his goals.  Had he focused on himself, his woes, his unjust imprisonment, he might not have made the alliances that he made, he would not have gotten the opportunity to apply his skills, he would not have gotten his library, his records, his opportunity to make a difference with his fellow cons, and, ultimately, his opportunity to escape.

Lohminger, an organization that has identified business competencies to help focus one’s development, calls this being “Organizational Savvy,” a combination  “Organizational Agility” and “Political Savvy.”   Someone who exhibits “Organizational Agility” knows how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network.    A politically savvy individual is able to anticipate where land mines and obstacles will be, and plans his/her approach accordingly.  Both individuals are highly aware of their Place, and are identifying what they need to do to move beyond that place.

Even with these skills, it takes some time.  For Andy Dufresne, it took two years until his first chance came.  And a few decades until he would culminate his efforts to reach his goal —  Zihuatanejo.


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