Friend Your Foe?

Ask yourself:  “When was the last time I asked someone I trust about their perception of me?”  When have I talked to someone I trust about my plans? What I’m doing? Learning?

This came up in a presentation on Setting Goals:  Goals are to be written.  They are to be specific, and time-sensitive.  And in order for you to achieve that goal, you must share it with at least one friend, and at least one foe.

The presenter, one Michael Watts, asked us if we had one of those go-to friends, the kind you see in the movies, the person you’d call first if you got in trouble, if it were the rare occassion that that person hadn’t already been with you when you had gotten into trouble.  They’re rare, he shared, and they’re to be treasured.  Because they know you, in and out, and often are the most able to objectively identify your strengths and weaknesses, and can talk to you about them openly.

TrustBut then Michael suggested that we share that goal with at least one foe.

Why would we want to do that?  Because your foe’s perspective can highlight that One Grand Truth about you, one that might be worth exposing, one that, unexposed, could keep you from succeeding.

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