Reputation — A Reality Play?

Name Badge

How would others label you? What might they write on your name tag?

Every now and then I “hear about” some unscripted TV that must be a satirical treatment of popular reality TV dating shows (fine: I’ve watched a few on a lazy weekend afternoon).  In many of these shows, the suitors approach the object of their pretend affection, say a few words, and are assigned a nickname.  “New York,” because she’s from New York.  “Tipsy,” because she was inebriated at the time.  We laugh at these guilty pleasures, these people so willing to play the fool for us on national TV.  Do we realize that this scenario is acted out daily?

Ask yourself:  How do people generally respond to me?  When I enter?  After a while?

Beverly Kaye shares the following equation in her discussion on Perspective:

Observation + Judgement + Label = Reputation

As you consider Perspective, consider this:

  • What do people observe about me?
  • What conclusions can they/do they come to as a result of that observation?
  • Could those conclusions give me a label?

Here’s a common saying:  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
That’s been changed around a bit to: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that knows what you know.”

In reality, the saying should be: “It’s how who you know that knows what you know that counts.”

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