Now that we’ve asked a bunch of stuff about ourselves (Place, Person), and a few questions about how others view us (Perspective), Dr. Kaye challenges us to consider the Possibilities.

When doing this, categorize your possibilities into three sections:

Personal Goals:  Think about a person in your life that you should spend more time with.
Energy Goals: What is one thing you need to do to take better care of yourself?
Professional Goals:  If you could cast a spell, have a wish granted, etc., and could remove at least 20% of the work that you least liked, what would you do instead?

I believe that we’d do ourselves a favour if we asked that last question for all three categories.

What would you do if 20% of your workload was cut?Consider the first question.  A few people answer: “I’d spend more time with my parents. They gave so much to me, and I recognize that I still have so much to learn from them.”  That would probably require an investment of time on your part — time you probably profess not to have.
Consider the Energy Goals question.  We’re approaching the New Year, a time for resolving to work out.  Gyms are gearing up for the increase in membership, either from existing members who remember why they’d purchased that membership years ago (I admit to being part of that group), or from new people with new resolve to take better care of themselves.  Yet by March, member participation in the gyms declines.  Why?

That’s why the Professional Goals question is a powerful one.  I know what I’d like to get rid of — the administrivia associated with our learning management system.  Any trainer who’s had to work with one would side with me.

The question, however, is not about the administrivia.  It’s about what you would do were that administrivia to disappear.


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