The 10 Minute Password

Here’s another password tip: don’t create accounts for too many things in the first place.  I speak, of course, of the free download that you want — it only costs your name and email account number.  On the same token, don’t forgo that compelling article about the oncoming alien invasion just because Weekly World News wants your email address.  Instead, give ’em an address that remains open for just about ten minutes.

I’ve used for many sites that I don’t intend to visit again, but still want me to give up an email address for the privilege of what’s behind that form.  10minutemail assigns you a random email address, keeps it available just long enough for you to click the email verification link, and then burns the account like a cheap cell phone.  It’s a brilliant, completely free tool, and I recommend it to anyone who spends a moderate amount of time surfing the web, or clicking through half the links in their Twitter feed.

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