Some Comments About TechKnowledge 2012

How would a Firebrand Scalebane apply to training? How could it not?

If you followed me on Twitter last week, you may have noticed bursts of tweets from ASTD TechKnowledge in Las Vegas. And if, from there, you followed prompts to check out #astdtk12, you would have uncovered a plethora of conference snippets: reminders of things we already know about training design but forget in the heat of the project, discoveries about what exactly can be accomplished with technology while training, and pointers on how to use our systems a little bit more with the learner (rather than the system) in mind.

Caving in to popular demand (by that, I mean two people), I shared some of my insights from last week’s conference in the ASTD Orange County Community Blog. As I attempt to apply some of the things I thought were pretty darned cool, I’ll share those results here later.

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One thought on “Some Comments About TechKnowledge 2012

  1. […] sometimes my posts are simply meant to inform. I recently posted on our Chapter Blog a summary of the keynote speeches at last week’s ASTD TechKnowledge along a specific theme. I had no […]

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