Should I Proofread Everything? Even Texts?

Stories of Organizational Communication – Part 7

Geri’s question: What about texting in terms of today’s topic of revising one’s writing?

One of the students in the Organizational Communication class made a comment on how language is ever-evolving.  He noted that Google is now a word. I’ll see him and raise: the Oxford English Dictionary, which is considered THE record of the English language, just added LOL to its lexicon. Texting is causing the English language to evolve.

Damn You Autocorrect - killing her seems a bit harsh.

Texting is a different form of writing. It’s so informal, so instantaneous, it’s practically verbal. Therefor, texts don’t follow the same rules for rewriting. I mean, I won’t sit on a text before I send it.

That said, we shouldn’t ignore the opportunity to make sure we text what we mean to.

There are plenty of sites that poke fun at poor texting on the Internet. I’ve seen one site, Damn You Autocorrect, get picked up in the morning news shows now and then when they need a lighthearted story. The image to the right is a typical example: people take snapshots of text messages in which the context of the message is changed completely when their iPhone’s auto-correct function doesn’t recognize a word and inserts its best guess of what the correct word might be.

And it’s funny, and we laugh, but think about this: each of those funny word insertions or misspellings was created because the writer didn’t check his or her message before sending it. Rather, they all trusted the computer to get it right. And the computer can’t do that. Spellcheck only works so well. Voice is not replicable. Tone is often exaggerated.

Text messaging tends to be more informal than other forms of communication, but it still deserves a once-over to make sure that you are saying what you meant to say.

This is one of a series of posts inspired by question prompts from Geri Girardin, the instructor of DHTV’s Organizational Communication course. Other posts in the series were:

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