Word Scramble Activity

A while ago, I got a Balloon Time Newsletter* that shared a few things you can do with balloons, besides blow them up and make them into balloon animals. Their featured activity, “Word Scramble,” may have potential as a team building activity.  I’ll let you decide:

Needed Supplies:balloons

  1. 30 or 50 balloons
  2. Ribbon
  3. Helium
  4. Felt-tipped marker

How To Play:

  1. Select a word or phrase related to the occasion.
  2. If you select a word: inflate one balloon per letter of the word.
    If you select a phrase: inflate one balloon per word of the phrase.
  3. Attach a ribbon to each balloon. The balloons will be free-hanging, so be sure to make the ribbon long enough that the participants can reach them.
  4. Use a felt-tipped marker to write one letter (or one word) of the selected phrase on each balloon. Scatter them around the room.
  5. Have the participants work together to unscramble the word or phrase and put the balloons in the correct order.


  • The game can also be played with teams by inflating one balloon per letter (or word) multiplied by the number of teams.
  • You can play this game outdoors, providing you attach weights to the ribbons tied to the balloons.

How can this be used as a team-building activity?

  • The phrase (or word) can be a message central to the meeting. A motivational saying, perhaps, or a core value you’re emphasizing.
  • You can structure the teams to include organizational roles, or personality types, etc.   How they solve the puzzle may be based upon those roles.

Yes, this activity itself is a variation of many message-assembly activities.  The balloons add an energy to the activity, especially as participants search through a room of moving balloons.

*I’d attribute this activity to balloontimenews.com, but the site appears not to be active any more. You can check out balloontime.com for some additional party activities.

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